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German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, GmbH, DFKI


DFKI GmbH, Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3, D-66123 Saarbrücken

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The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH, DFKI was founded in 1988. Today, DFKI is one of the largest non-profit contract research institutes in the field of innovative software technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods. DFKI is focusing on the complete cycle of innovation - from world-class basic research and technology development through leading-edge demonstrators and prototypes to product functions and commercialization. Based in Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence ranks among the important ``Centers of Excellence'' worldwide. The key directors of DFKI are Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster (CEO) and Dr. Walter G. Olthoff (CFO).DFKI's mission is technology transfer, that is to move innovations in AI as quickly as possible from the lab into the marketplace by maintaining research projects at the forefront of science. Expertise and experience of the company DFKI has strong expertise in each of the following domains:

DFKI is involved in numerous industrial, academian projects including projects in the current EC IST programme dealing with research and development in the broad areas of intelligent interface agents, and multiagent systems for applications in supply-chain management, virtual enterprises, e-commerce and advanced information systems. The partners of the DFKI are leading large-scale concerns such as DaimlerChrysler, SAP, and Alcatel, plus the two universities of Kaiserlautern and Saarbrucken. In the range of medium-sized firms INSIDERS, IDS Scheer, Tecmath and KIBG are to be added. Finally, the two most important large-scale research centers on international level, i.e. the Fraunhofer Society and GMD, round off the circle of partners. DFKI is part of several European Networks of Excellence such as AgentLink and CompuLog.

Recently, an Education Technology Group of DFKI, headed by Prof. J.H. Siekmann, has been established. It has carried out basic research and applications in several fields of AI, including presentation planning (for education material), user modeling, proof planning, knowledge representation (for educational and mathematical Web-documents) and integration of (mathematical services). Its main prototypical product so far has been the Web-based, user-adaptive, generative learning environment ActiveMath that integrates several external services. Members of the group are actively involved in the international academic life by organizing or contributing to conferences and workshops.

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