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Created in January 1999, TRUSTED LOGIC S.A. is a french start-up company, which presents a unique combination of expertise in embedded software challenges and in formal methods analysis. TRUSTED LOGIC offers a wide range of efficient and secure solutions for smart cards and terminals in the following areas : open systems for smart cards (Java Card,Windows SmartCards, Multos), open systems for terminals (mobile phones, PDA, bank terminals, etc), e-commerce, remote secured access to intranets, and secured networks infrastructures (home or car control).

The development methodology, inside Trusted Logic S.A., includes a permanent concern of quality and security aspects (formal specification and proofs) that provides a software which is efficient, reliable and ready to face high level Common Criteria evaluations when needed

The main actors in the smart card and in the embedded software industry are among its customers : Sun Microsystems Inc., Bull, Gemplus, Oberthur, Schlumberger, ST Microelectronics, VISA International, Carte Bleue, GIE Cartes Bancaires, ActivCard, Proton World International, etc.

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