Latex to MathML content


The current version (0.7) of Mowgli Latex2MathMLcontent  converter converts TeX math formulas in MathML content. Text and external (to MathML content) metadata facilities are not yet consistently dealt with.

The input file is TeX math formulas (see this example.tex).  The converter  (dvixml executable) converts the Tex file into an XML file (see example.xml) which contains the  MathML content corresponding to the tex source. The converter gives also an XHTML/MathMLversion of the document using a stylesheet that converts a content data into presentation format (XHTML).


  1. Get the source code here (download)
  2. Once you copy the files locally, run your Makefile with 'make' command. The make process has been tested under Windows2000 (Cygnus emulation) and a default RedHat Linux 8 distribution with gcc 3.2.
  3. You should get the hermes executable, an example.pdf, an example.xml and a render.xml.

Example:  Mowgli Latex to MathML converter

From a TeX input file, the Mowgli Latex2MathMLcontent  converter generates two formats:



         the LaTeX source example.tex
Here you have more details in this work (a pdf version),