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Prof. Herman Geuvers

  • Associate Professor in Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Responsible for the Nijmegen-Utrecht site of the EC Thematic Network ``TYPES'' (Computer Assisted Reasoning Based on Type Theory), IST-1999-29001
  • President of the education committee of the Sub-faculty of Computer Science at the University of Nijmegen
  • Former member of the Management Board of the Dutch research school IPA (Institute for Programming Research and Algorithmics)
  • Member of the Project Coordination Committee and of the Project Exploitation Board of the European IST project MOWGLI
  • Leader of the ``Requirement Analysis'' and ``Testing'' Work-Packages of the European IST project MOWGLI

e-mail: herman at cs dot kun dot nl

Home Page: http://www.cs.kun.nl/~herman

Address: Faculteit NWI, KUN, Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen, NL

Telephone number: +31 243 652603

Short Curriculum Vitae:

Herman Geuvers studied Mathematics at the University of Nijmegen and got his Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1993 at the same University. In the same year he became assistant professor in computer science at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Formal Methods group. From January 1st 2000, he is associate professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Nijmegen in the Foundations group. He is currently teaching in Formal Languages and Computability and Type Theory.

Research Interests:

The research interests of Herman Geuvers are: Formalization of Mathematics, Interactive Theorem Proving, Higher-order Logics, Communicating Formal Mathematics, Type Theory and lambda-calculus. His recent scientific activities range from the study of formal theories (especially typed lambda-calculi) to doing large theory developments in theorem provers, notably the formalization of the fundamental theorem of algebra in Coq.

Selected Publications:

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