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Date: Deliverable: Work Package:
Month 3 D1.a Preliminary Report on Application Scenarios and Requirement Analysis. requirement-analysis
Month 6 D7.a Dissemination and Use Plan. information-dissemination-and-exploitation
Month 6 D0.a Self-Assesment parameters and criteria. project-management
Month 6 D1.b Structure and Meta-Structure of Mathematical Documents. requirement-analysis
Month 6 D1.c Distributed Digital Libraries: development, archiving, retrieving. requirement-analysis
Month 6 D2.a Exportation module. transformation
Month 12 D4.a MathML Rendering/Browsing engine. interfaces
Month 12 D3.a Metadata for Mathematical Libraries. metadata
Month 12 D3.b Metadata Model. metadata
Month 12 D0.b First Self-Assessment Report. project-management
Month 12 D2.b Document Type Descriptors. transformation
Month 12 D2.c Stylesheets to intermediate representation (formulae). transformation
Month 12 D2.d Stylesheets to intermediate representation (proofs). transformation
Month 18 D5.a Overall Architectural Design of the Distribution Model. distribution
Month 18 D4.b First MOWGLI Prototype (browsing, rendering and consultation). interfaces
Month 18 D4.c Prototype functionalities for assisted annotation. interfaces
Month 18 D4.d LaTeX-based authoring tool (first prototype). interfaces
Month 18 D2.e Presentational Stylesheets (formulae). transformation
Month 18 D2.f Presentational Stylesheets (proofs). transformation
Month 18 D2.g Tools for automatic extraction of Metadata. transformation
Month 20 D0.c Second Self-Assessment Report. project-management
Month 24 D5.b Advanced MOWGLI Prototype (distribution). distribution
Month 24 D4.e Refined and extended protoype of the LaTeX-based authoring tool. interfaces
Month 30 D7.b Technological Implementation Plan. information-dissemination-and-exploitation
Month 30 D0.d Final Self-Assesment Report. project-management
Month 30 D6.a Validation 1: Education. testing-and-validation
Month 30 D6.b Validation 2: Smart Card Security testing-and-validation
Month 30 D6.c Validation 3: Journal interface. testing-and-validation
Month 30 D6.d Final MOWGLI Prototype. testing-and-validation

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