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University of Bologna (Italy), Department of Computer Science


Via di mura Anteo Zamboni VII, 40127, Bologna, ITALY

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The Department of Computer Science of Bologna is the only educational institution in Italy to be affiliated to the World Wide Web Consortium (and one of the few members of this category in Europe). This affiliation testifies the interest, both technical and didactic, traditionally devoted by our Department to Web technologies, Internet and, more generally, distributed computing. This is joined to a solid expertise in programming languages, algorithms, theory and formal methods, that provides a very stimulating and dialectical environment for research. The Department is in charge of an undergraduate Program in Computer Science, with more than three hundreds new students a year, and a graduate Ph.D. Program, currently comprising sixteen students.

Projects developed by this site related to MOWGLI:

Hypertextual Library of Mathematics (HELM)

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Members of the project also involved in MOWGLI:

The Hypertextual Electronic Library of Mathematics Project is active in Bologna since 1999. Its aim is the development of a suitable technology for the creation and maintenance of a virtual, distributed, hypertextual library of formal mathematical knowledge. As a subsidiary goal, HELM is meant to integrate the current tools for the automation of formal reasoning and the mechanisation of mathematics (proof assistants and logical frameworks) with the most recent technologies for the development of Web applications and electronic publishing, taking advantage of the potentiality offered by XML Technologies. The Project is developed in tight cooperation with the W3C MathML Working Group, which we are a member of.

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