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Work Package : Interfaces

Begin: Month 3     End: Month 24

Work Package Leader: Loic Pottier

Contribution of Each Site (in Man Monthes):

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16 16 5 4 14 0


This Work-Package is devoted to the design and the implementation of the interfaces to the library, covering rendering, browsing, searching and retrieving functionalities. Some additional functionalities for authoring purposes (such as computer assisted annotation of proofs) will be also taken into account.

Our privileged rendering language will be MathML, which is likely to be rapidly adopted as the main language for representing mathematical notation on the Web.


The work is organised in the following tasks:
T4.1 MathML rendering/browsing engines.
MathML rendering/browsing engines.

Our privileged rendering language will be MathML. In order to be able to test the presentational stylesheets,(Task 2.5) we need a MathML compliant browser, that will be developed as a part of the project (starting from a previous prototype).

T4.2 Consultation Engine (archiving, searching and retrieving).
Consultation Engine (archiving, searching and retrieving).

The task is devoted to the architectural design and implementation of the main functionalities for the consultation and the management of the library.

T4.3 Assisted Annotation.
Assisted Annotation.

This cover an additional functionality of the interface, aimed to support the user in the process of annotating a proof in natural language.

T4.4 LaTeX-based authoring tool.
LaTeX-based authoring tool.

A tool supporting automatic generation of Content-MathML from a suitably (macro-)enriched version of LaTeX.


Milestones and Expected Results:

The main milestone is the release of the first MOWGLI prototype, at month 18.

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