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Work Package : Metadata

Begin: Month 6     End: Month 21

Work Package Leader: PD. Dr. Erica Melis

Contribution of Each Site (in Man Monthes):

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  • Delineation of the basic intelligence to be considered for encapsulation in metadata, in order to meet the needs delineated during Requirement Analysis (WP1).
  • Definition and Development of a specific Markup Model in RDF.


The precise definition of metadata and their actual Markup Model are essential aspects for implementing the main functionalities of the library, and especially for archiving, searching and retrieving issues. The work will be articulated in two main, almost sequential, tasks:
T3.1 Use, meaning and classification.
Use, meaning and classification.

This task, based on the previous documents D1 and D2, is aimed to provide a precise definition and classification of all metadata required for an effective and efficient management of the library.

T3.2 Modelling.

This is devoted to the definition of a precise markup model. To this aim, we plan to use the Resource Description Framework of W3C.


Milestones and Expected Results:

The definition of the Metadata model is amain milestone, since the architectural design and implementation of the consultation engine (Task 4.2) will be essentially based on it. Similarly, it is required for Task 2.4 (automatic extraction of metadata).

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