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Work Package : Project Management

Begin: Month 0     End: Month 30

Work Package Leader: Prof. Andrea Asperti

Contribution of Each Site (in Man Monthes):

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  • General project management and coordination.
  • Knowledge and skills transfer between consortium members.
  • Relation to the European Commission.


The Project management will be assured by the following relevant roles: a) Project Manager, b) Exploitation manager, c) Work-package Leaders d)Technical Contributors, and by the following Project Bodies: a)Project Coordination Committee (PCC), b) Project Exploitation Board (PEB) and e) Work-package Teams.The {\bf Project Manager} chairs the PCC. The mandate of the PCC is to represent the Project, report to the Commission, monitor overall performance of the project, ensure accomplishment of the technical objectives, promote project visibility, promote dissemination of project results in the relevant international forums, promote acceptance of project results, administer project resources and monitor project spending. The {\bf Exploitation Manager} will be responsible for coordinating dissemination and exploitation activities undertaken by the Project Exploitation Board (PEB) in close cooperation with the Project Coordination Committee (PCC).Information flow within the Project will be ensured by exchange of internal technical papers, notification of relevant new publications technologies or standards, and reports from external meetings. All technical documentation generated by the project will be exchangeable in electronic format, according to a set of guidelines to be agreed at project start-up. The project Manager will enforce adherence to these guidelines. Only strictly formal correspondence will be exchanged by ordinary mail and telefax. Urgent correspondence over e-email will be sent with a request for explicit acknowledgement.The Coordinating Partner will be responsible to prepare and maintain a Web page of the project and a CVS repository (also available via Web).


Milestones and Expected Results:

Main milestones are the periodic meetings, at month 6, 12, 20, 24, 30.

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