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Work Package : Distribution

Begin: Month 18     End: Month 30

Work Package Leader: Dr. Michael Kohlhase

Contribution of Each Site (in Man Monthes):

bologna inria dfki nijmegen aei trusted-logic
6 5 8 3 5 0


Overall architectural design of the distribution model, its implementation and integration with the consultation engine.


The work is articulated in three, conceptually sequential tasks:
T5.1 Architectural Design of the Distribution Model.
Architectural Design of the Distribution Model.

The big issue it to find the right compromise between two opposite requirements: distribution (in the sense of the Web: few rules, no central authority) and coherence (coherence between different copies of a same document and global management of the library as a single rational development). Other architectural problems to be solved are the management of Uniform Resource Identifiers, their mapping to Uniform Resource Locators, and the integration of databases in the distribution model. The final aim is to have a phisically distributed library with a single logical view.

T5.2 Prototype implementation.
Prototype implementation.

First prototyping implementation of the distribution layer.

T5.3 Integration with the Consultation Engine.
Integration with the Consultation Engine.

First implementation of the library as a distributed repository. Distribution should be completely transparent to users of the Consultation Engine.


Milestones and Expected Results:

The main milestone is the release of the advanced MOWGLI prototype, for the fourth meeting of the project, at month 24. The advanced prototype will integrate the previous one with the new distribution facilities offered by the distribution layer.

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