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Work Package : Information Dissemination and Exploitation

Begin: Month 3     End: Month 30

Work Package Leader: Prof. Bernd Wegner

Contribution of Each Site (in Man Monthes):

bologna inria dfki nijmegen aei trusted-logic
1 0 0 1 6 0


The work package aims to:


The dissemination of results is in charge of the Project Dissemination & Exploitation Committee, which is responsible to prepare, during the first six months, a detailed dissemination work-plan (D2), and to follow its execution during the Project.Information dissemination will take place via professional journal articles, presentations at conferences, international news groups, specific interest groups and so on. Relevant reports of the projects will be made publicly available on the World Wide Web. For advanced releases, we also plan to prepare an ``information pack'', including a folder and CDROM with demos.


Milestones and Expected Results:

Criteria for evaluating MOWGLI's dissemination and its technological impact will be detailed in the Dissemination and use Plan. The Project Dissemination & Exploitation Committee will be in charge to monitor the state of advancement of the Project according to these criteria.

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