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Work Package : Requirement Analysis

Begin: Month 0     End: Month 6

Work Package Leader: Prof. Herman Geuvers

Contribution of Each Site (in Man Monthes):

bologna inria dfki nijmegen aei trusted-logic
3 4 3 6 3 1


  • Definition of the application scenarios.
  • Precise articulation of all the functionalities required by the system, and all possible expected interactions with documents.
  • Overall requirements of the distribution model of the library.


The work plan is naturally organised in subtasks according to the different basic kind of interactions and manipulation to be considered, namely:
T1.1 Mathematics and the Web.
Mathematics and the Web.

State of the art, standards and tools.

T1.2 Structured and Formal Mathematics.
Structured and Formal Mathematics.

Delineation and layering of Semantic Components. Requirements for the interaction with tools for the automation of formal reasoning.

T1.3 Metadata.

Classification and data mining for content-based mathematical documents, and key architectural guidelines for the metadata model.

T1.4 Searching and Retrieving.
Searching and Retrieving.

State of the art, use cases and application scenarios.

T1.5 Distribution.

Distributed document repositories and peer-to-peer interoperability.

T1.6 Document Authoring.
Document Authoring.

State of the art, use cases and application scenarios.

Part of the activity, covering Tasks T1.1-2-6 should be concluded within the first three months, with the preliminary report D1.a. The main aim of this phase is to rapidly reach a good level of inter-operability among the different sites, by implementing a suitable politic of knowledge and skills transfer between the members of the consortium (short visits and/or small thematic workshops, according to the case).However, some delicate issues, such as Metadata, Searching and Retrieving and Distribution (Task T1.3-4-5) will eventually require a deeper analysis (deliverables D1.b and D1.c).WP1 will be eventually closed during the first meeting of the Project (month six), when all the reports will be discussed and approved.


Milestones and Expected Results:

The preliminary report D1.a is not a realmilestone: it should be considered as a first internal draft summarising the main functionalities required by the system and the basic intelligence to add to documents, as markup and/or metadata, to meet these requirements. All these issues will be eventually detailed in D1.b and D1.c, which are real Milestones, since the rest of the work will be largely driven by them.

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