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Work Package : Testing and Validation

Begin: Month 12     End: Month 30

Work Package Leader: Prof. Herman Geuvers

Contribution of Each Site (in Man Monthes):

bologna inria dfki nijmegen aei trusted-logic
5 6 3 17 14 9


The WP intends to measure the system suitability and scalability and the satisfaction level of users with the service.


Large scale testing and validation will start after the release of the first MOWGLI prototype, at month 18. We shall consider three main validation tests:
T6.1 Education.

Full development of a fragment of the library covering a typical undergraduate course in algebra of analysis.

T6.2 Certified code.
Certified code.

The aim is to be able to present the formalization and the demonstration of some security properties related to the code embedded into a smart card. The presentation must be in a format understandable by the company in charge of the evaluation of the code and in accordance with the Common Criteria standard.

T6.3 Electronic Publishing.
Electronic Publishing.

The aim is to test the LaTeX-based authoring tool and to demonstrate how an electronic physics journal benefits from the exploitation of content markup in journal articles.


Milestones and Expected Results:

We expect a lot of feed-back during this phase, that will be taken into account for the definition of the advanced and final versions of the MOWGLI prototype.

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